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Emergency Care Technician - Emergency Department * Nights - 24hrs/wk

Wyoming, MI

Emergency Care Technician - Emergency Department * Nights - 24hrs/wk

Requisition #: req7885

Shift: Nights

FTE status: 0.6

On-call: No

Weekends: Yes

General Summary:

The ECT, under the direction and supervision of the Emergency Department charge nurse or their designee, provides basic nursing care to patients and performs related tasks necessary to the functioning of the emergency department.


  • Minimum High School Diploma or GED required.
  • Must meet one of the following requirements:
    • Current Certified Nurse Aide (CENA) certification, or
    • Current enrollment (and continued progression) in a health science program required with completion of nursing fundamentals course and/or one clinical rotation preferred. Equivalent enrollment considered will include but is not limited to: Nursing School, Pre-PA School, Medical School, or closely related health science program, or
    • Equivalent experience. Equivalent experience considered will include but is not limited to: Medical Assistant, Paramedic, Medical First Responder, EMT, Nurse Tech, Resident Aid/Assistant, or LPN.
  • Basic understanding of Medical Terminology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Patient Confidentiality is preferred.
  • Current Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR) provider required.
  • Experience in acute care or extended care facility or clinic preferred.
  • Able to successfully complete unit-specific core competencies as defined in the orientation check-list.
  • Maintain CNA skills and competencies through current ECT experience by working full time, part time, or resource hours in the ECT role, if applicable.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:


  • Independently gathers patient data during delivery of patient care. Accurately measures and records vital signs, weight and height.
  • Utilizes equipment and technology available to obtain ECG’s, applies cardiac monitor, measures oral and rectal temperatures, radial and apical heart rates, manual and automatic blood pressures, respiratory rates and pulse oximetry.
  • Obtains and/or assists with obtaining lab specimens, i.e. collects blood, urine, stool and sputum specimens. Safely, appropriately and accurately facilitates the processing of laboratory specimens. Demonstrates competency in point of care blood glucose testing, urine pregnancy tests, urine dip analysis.
  • Demonstrates safe and effective use of equipment and supplies within the Emergency Department. This includes but is not limited to; stretchers, mobile and overhead examination lights, capnographer, Bair Hugger, thermometers and scales.
  • Moves, transfers and re-positions patients safely, using back saving techniques and patient safety devices as needed. Independently performs or assists with turning, ambulating and dangling patients. Is able to demonstrate competence in transferring patients to and from chairs, wheelchairs and stretchers. Demonstrates competent utilization of slideboards. Demonstrates competency in assisting with positioning and transferring patients with hip precautions and patients who are maintained in traction. Under the direct supervision of the Registered Nurse or Emergency Department physician, assists with application, maintenance and removal of full C-spine precautions.
  • Assists patients or independently performs hygiene tasks including but not exclusive to; bathing/cleansing skin, oral and/or denture care, application and changing of simple dressings, including tube gauze. Provides care for catheters and other drainage tubes. Assists with post-mortem care.
  • Demonstrates competency in performing specified advanced technical skills specifically delegated by the Emergency RN on specific patient populations; i.e. insertion and removal of urinary catheters, female ECT’s will assist the physician with pelvic examinations. ECT’s will also assist physicians during specific procedures by appropriately holding patients; adults, children and infants.
  • Demonstrates competency in application of orthopedic splints, crutches and soft goods. Assists the Emergency physician and/or the Orthopedic physician during orthopedic procedures performed in the Emergency Department.
  • Independently instructs patients in the use of crutches.
  • Demonstrates competency in case removal.
  • Assists patients with elimination needs. This responsibility includes placing and removing bedpans and urinals; assisting patients with the use of bedside commodes; emptying, measuring and recording drainage from urinary drainage bags; administering cleansing and retention enemas.
  • Verbalizes understanding of sterile technique and demonstrates competency in setting up and maintaining sterile trays.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the hospital restraints policy and competency in the application of all soft limb restraints, mitt restraints, jacket/vest restraints and leather restraints. Under the direction of the Registered Nurse, monitors the efficacy of restraints.
  • Maintains an awareness of the location of departmental supplies and equipment. Collaborates with other ED staff in assessing the needs of the department and utilizes the hospital inventory system to maintain and replace department supplies.
  • Proficiently utilizes the hospital system for identifying, reporting and assuring repair of replacement of malfunctioning equipment.


  • Independently functions in the role of Emergency Department Clinical Secretary and competently performs all essential functions and responsibilities stated in the Emergency Department Clinical Secretary job description. This training will be based on the needs of the department and not all ECT’s will be cross-trained to this role.


  • Reports care given, data collected and observed patient behaviors and responses to the Registered Nurse. Independently documents this information, utilizing approved hospital and department specific forms or systems.


  • Assists in maintaining a safe environment with the Emergency Department.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of risk issues within the Emergency Department and Hospital.
  • Supports risk management activities.
  • Demonstrates adherence to department specific and hospital policies.
  • Demonstrates understanding of and adherence to universal/standard precautions.


  • Maintains patient privacy and protects the rights of patients.
  • Maintains strict confidence of all patient information and records.


  • Participates in quality assurance activities within the Emergency Department


  • Portrays a positive attitude by using appropriate verbal and non verbal communication skills, listening carefully to patients and other customers.


  • Attends mandatory education programs, attains and maintains job specific competencies and attends Emergency Department and job specific meetings.


  • Demonstrates flexibility in cooperation with 24 hour staffing patterns and scheduling needs for provision of excellent patient care within the Emergency Department.


  • Supports the organization, other employees and departments by working as a team member first and considering self second.
  • Under the supervision and direction of the Emergency Department Educator and the ED charge nurse, trains new staff to competently perform the essential functions and technical skills as described in the ECT job description.
  • Demonstrates consideration for the unique personal needs of patients, families and all others with whom they interact.


  • Demonstrates punctuality to work and meetings and accepts responsibility for attendance and adherence to work schedule. Demonstrates initiative by seeking opportunities to help others.


  • Demonstrates exemplary customer service as reflected by HealthStream Research scores.

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