Primary Duties:

  • Assists the doctors in the examination of patients, attempting to anticipate his/her needs.
  • Do prior authorization for meds.
  • Assists the doctors in office surgical procedures, post op care, etc.
  • Cleans and prepares all instruments in the exam rooms, keeps exam rooms stocked with supplies and samples, makes sure rooms are ready for next day visits.
  • Maintains control over hazardous wastes, and medical equipment. Performs routine maintenance for certain medical equipment.
  • Has some knowledge of medicine, prescriptions, dosages, etc. Calls in prescriptions for the doctors.
  • Maintains an adequate supply of preprinted materials routinely dispensed by the doctor.
  • Makes sure that the medical reports such as MRI and CT Scans get reviewed by the doctor in a timely fashion, and are filed in the patients chart.
  • Files reports and charts after being reviewed by the physician. Pulls all necessary charts for blood work results, CT results etc
  • Aids doctor in returning patient calls at appropriate times during the daily routine.
  • Fills all shortages of medical supplies with reorders, fills out all necessary paperwork for reordering.
  • Keeps the flow of patients in and out of exam rooms.
  • Explains tests and procedures to patients when appropriate.
  • Informs doctor when he/she is running behind schedule.
  • Stays late beyond schedule when necessary.
  • Places the patients in the examining room ensuring they are as comfortable as possible. Takes accurate histories and physical exam information. Obtains vital signs, secures complaint, and enters the information on the patient’s chart.
  • Assists physicians and physician assistants in office surgeries using sterile procedure guidelines to ensure non-contamination of sterile field. Sets up appropriate surgical instrument tray.
  • May answer patient’s inquiries with respect to medical questions within the limits of knowledge and practice policy.
  • Educates patients on treatment regimen as dictated by physicians; including thorough explanation of prescribed medication usage, procedures for scheduled testing, and summary review of overall therapeutic plan.


  • Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Friday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (noon)


  • 19490 Sandridge Way, Suite 350, Leesburg, VA 20176

Salary is dependent on experience

Full Time (M-F)
No Weekend Hours
No - the position is at a single location

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